Adamos Vassilis participated in the 1st Sculpture Symposium in Wood,
an organization of the Gonnoi Art Gallery and the municipality of Tempi,
held from Monday June 23 to Saturday July 4th, 2015, at Gonnoi.

The curtain of the the 25th – and last – exhibition falls
on Saturday night. The exhibition is organized by Christian and Zisis Papadimitriou
couple, in their family home space, in Gonnoi, Larissa. Apart from the many artists
exposed, the final now form of their work will be presented, in the garden,
after a five-day Sculpture Symposium in wood. Participating artists are
Vasilis Adamos, Vasilis Alexandrou, Thanos Karonis, Giannis Manitakis, Dimitris
Palatzas and Elio Samaras. The exhibition and the symposium
was attended during the past week by many art lovers from the region of Gonnoi.